Where are the jams at the Festivals??
Jams at our RV
Do you know this song?

Jams break out at many campsites around the 65 acre grounds. Traditionally the north side of the park has picking day and night while the south end of the grounds tends to turn in after the last stage show.

The weekend before the festival RVs arrive so folks can get "their" spot and can start jamming with friends. It is not unusual to have over 100 campers on the grounds the Sunday before the holiday weekend.

Part of the fun at the festivals is camping and pickin' with friends. Be sure and bring your instrument and join a jam. Most folks will let you sit in with them. First hang back and check to see if they are a band practicing or just folks. Are they playing music you know? Once you figure out the protocol, edge closer and see if they will widen their circle.

Jammin' after the show movie

There are all levels of skill at the jams. They go all day and late into the night. It is said that some folks don't even know there is a stage show. They just come to jam!

Jams are everywhere

Jams at the Draft Barn
Pickin' at the Draft Barn