Festival Accessibility

The festival is held at the Noble County Fairgrounds. Limited areas are roped off for handicap camping near the stage area. The stage area is wheelchair accessible. We welcome personal golf carts and scooters. Golf cart taxis are also available to transport patrons to and from the stage show. Main restrooms are handicap accessible.

Special requests at the Memorial or Labor Day festivals:

Special requests for mobility needs, parking, golf cart taxis, or camping, can be called the day of the show. Any other special accommodations will need advanced notification (weeks to months) ahead of the festival to allow time to plan.

How to contact NIBGA:

Patrons needing special accommodations at our festival or other NIBGA events can contact the NIBGA president or vice president ahead of the event via written letter, phone, or email, as posted below. Please include your request, name and preferred contact method A response is typically provided by the same method within 3-5 business days.

PRES [at] NIBGA [dot] com

US Mail: 
Special accommodation
1020 Wyandot Rd
Bucyrus, OH 44820-9434

(419) 721-8016