Camping at the Bluegrass Festival

When does camping open?

Campers are welcome starting the Thursday the week before the festival starts. It is not unusual to have over 100 campers the Sunday before the festival starts!

No reserved camping; first come/first served.  Camping is $15/night (with paid admission) and includes water and electric.  Camping fees are due upon arrival and will be charged consecutive days from your date of arrival through the completion of the festival.  (For example, if you arrive on Tuesday, you will be responsible for payment of camping Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday & Sunday)

If you need assistance setting up your camper, let us know.  We’ll be glad to lend a hand with parking your rig, set up, etc.

How do I get the advance camping package?

There is no advance camping package or camping reservations.

Tell me about the campgrounds. 

There are over 34 electric boxes with 50, 30 and 20 amp service. There are also a number of 15 & 20 amp outlets located in the various buildings and on some light poles. 15 & 20 amp outlets generally will not support A/C or electric heaters. We have accommodated over 350 rigs with electric! Most of the 50 & 30 amp connections are usually taken before the festival starts. There are no reservations for camp sites.

camping power setup with water
3 - 20 amp, 2 - city water spigots
camping power 30 50 2_20s
50, 30, 2 - 20 amp
  • Generators only allowed in a single remote area.
  • There are three buildings with hot showers.
  • There is an RV dump station at no charge and the honey wagon is available. You will need to be at your RV to be dumped. There is a fee for this service.
    Service days are posted on the east end of the Merchants Building.
  • Camping is on first come first served basis. No roping off or holding of campsites. If you want to camp with friends you should all arrive together.
  • If you come early and drop your camper, you still need to pay a $15 per night camping fee for all days and buy a weekend ticket(s). The fairgrounds charges us for trailers even if they are unoccupied.
  • Camping during the festival weekend is $45 plus weekend ticket(s).
  • Some areas have water hookups near the electrical box.
  • Most locations have mature trees for shade.
  • Almost all the buildings have water faucets but you might need a long hose. All water is supplied by the city of Kendallville utility. We recommend filling and using your on-board water tank as needed versus a continuous hose connection in some locations.
  • Golf carts are welcome with license drivers

I see open buildings. Can I camp in them?

Due to Indiana fire laws there is no camping in a building.

Are campfires allowed?

Yes, you may have a campfire at your site. It must be at least 50' from any building. Any wood left when you leave including partial burned wood, needs to be placed at the fence line or against a tree to protect the mowers. This includes any rocks or stones you might have used to create a fire ring.

Is there trash pickup?

No, there will be large dumpsters located in the camping area. Please take any trash to those dumpsters. There are no small trash totes except in the concert area. Please do not remove them as they will not be serviced.

Are there food vendors? Other types of vendors?

Yes there are several vendors including food and munchies. Unfortunately, vendors general don't arrive until the festival starts.