Memorial Festival May 21-24, 2020 CANCELED

Noble County Community Fairgrounds
580 N. Fair St., Kendallville, IN 46755

(260) 918-4790

The Memorial weekend festival has been canceled due to the Covid-19 virus. At the video board meeting April 11, it was unanimously decided that we could not put festival attendees at risk in today's environment. Letters are being written to the various interested groups such as the fair board, security, the Mayor, tent rental, port-a-jons, trash and more.

At this time the Labor Day festival is still planned.

Refunds for advance camping will be in the mail in the coming week.


Thursday May 21 CANCELED

6:30 PM Steve Scott & Scott Bros
7:25 PM River Bend
8:20 PM Echo Valley
9:15 PM Out of the Blue


Friday May 22 CANCELED

6:00 PM Three Rivers Bluegrass
6:55 PM Steve Scott & Scott Bros
7:50 PM River Bend
8:45 PM Echo Valley
9:40 PM Out of the Blue


Saturday, May 23 CANCELED

10:45 AM Echo Valley
11:35 AM Dewey & Leslie Brown
12:25 PM Kevin Prater Band
1:15 PM Board Introduction
1:25 PM Suzuki Fiddlers
2:05 PM High Fidelity
2:55 PM Hogslop String Band
3:45 PM Cane Mill Road
4:35 PM Supper Break
5:25 PM Echo Valley
6:15 PM Dewey & Leslie Brown
7:05 PM Kevin Prater Band
7:55 PM High Fidelity
8:45 PM Hogslop String Band
9:35 PM Cane Mill Road


Sunday May 24 CANCELED

10:45 AM Gospel Sing
12:00 PM Dewey & Leslie Brown
12:50 PM Kevin Prater Band
1:40 PM Devotional
1:55 PM High Fidelity
2:45 PM Hogslop String Band
3:35 PM Cane Mill Road
4:25 PM Supper Break
5:25 PM Dewey & Leslie Brown
6:15 PM Kevin Prater Band
7:05 PM High Fidelity
7:55 PM Hogslop String Band
8:45 PM Cane Mill Road